Welcome to Troop 845

We are the Boy Scouts of America Troop 845 in Coppell, Texas, chartered by Coppell Bible Fellowship. We are a troop with a Christian focus, our troop number comes from Psalm 84:5 "Blessed is the man whose strength is in the Lord.."

Our Troop cheer is "We Are Troop Eight-Four-Five, We Are Blessed!"

We meet on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm at the church and invite you to visit and learn more about us.


Nathan Marvin Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Posted by pharris on Dec 2 2020 - 3:00pm

Everyone is invited to celebrate Nathan Marvin's achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout. Nathan's Eagle Court of Honor will be at Coppell Bible Fellowship December 5th at 3:00 -4:30 PM.  

RSVP by Nov. 28th to emarvin3@excite.com or text to 214-924-1825”



Vicksburg Battleground Campout

Posted by pharris on Dec 2 2020 - 2:59pm

 Please join us for a campout to visit the Vicksburg National Battle field. We will be camping at a nearby Boy Scout Troop campground "Camp Wilkerson". We will get to hike the battle field while we learn more about this historic site. This will count towards Citizenship in the Nation requirement 2a & d. 

We will leave CBF at 8:30 AM Saturday January 16th and return Monday (MLK holiday) in the late afternoon. More details soon. Fee is $55.00 per scout or adult. Please sign up by January 9, 2021. 


This is from the website; Anxious for a quick victory, Grant made a hasty reconnaissance of the Vicksburg defenses and ordered an assault. Of his three corps, however, only one was in proper position to make the attack — Sherman's corps along the Graveyard Road, northeast of Vicksburg. Early on the morning of May 19, Union artillery opened fire and bombarded the Confederate works with solid shot and shell.

With lines neatly dressed and their battle flags blowing in the breeze above them, Sherman's troops surged across the rugged terrain at 2:00 p.m., through abatis (obstructions of felled trees) laid out by the Confederates, toward Stockade Redan. Although the men of the 1st Battalion, 13th United States Infantry, planted their colors on the exterior slope of Stockade Redan (a powerful Confederate fort which guarded the road), the attack was repulsed with Federal losses numbering 1,000 men. The 13th US Infantry, still in existance today, proudly uses the motto "First at Vicksburg."


You can read more here. basicinfo.htm

2021 Recharter

Posted by fsaenz on Dec 2 2020 - 8:00am

The recharter deadline is Sunday, December 13th. Sign up as soon as you can please. Click here for details.

Jacob Sims Eagle Scout Project

Posted by fsaenz on Dec 2 2020 - 7:59am

 Please join us to help with Jacob Sims Eagle Scout project on December 12 at 2PM. We will meet near the troop trailers, everyone attending should wear a mask and bring a water bottle and work gloves. We will be planting several trees on CBF property near the playground. 


Posted by fsaenz on Dec 2 2020 - 7:59am


If you are planning to attend Winter Camp 2020 please sign up soon. Space is limited and merit badge classes fill up quickly, merit badge selection will be this weekend. See the attachment for the available classes and email your primary and secondary choices to Mr Harris by noon on Saturday October 31st. pharris1958@yahoo.com
Fee's for Winter Camp are: $60.00 registration with Circle Ten NON-REFUNDABLE
$60,00 Troop Fee for food, fuel, lunch before camp & dinner on return trip. NON REFUNDABLE after December 20, 2020 total fee $120.00 per person. 
Click here to make payments. 3749 

Summer Camp 2021

Posted by fsaenz on Dec 2 2020 - 7:59am
It is fast approaching time for us to start planning for Summer Camp!  We all know how important it is for our scouts to attend summer camp. The fun and memories of my summer camps while scouting as a boy are some of my fondest memories. With the uncertainty of the COVID situation, the committee has decided to offer two summer camps that have proven safe and successful in 2020.  The committee has considered all options and while we understand that the choices offered may not be our first choice, we cannot afford to have our scouts unable to attend summer camp two years in a row. Summer camp is an important a part of the scouting year where the boys work on advancement items and merit badges, as well as developing deeper friendships with fellow scouts. Please join us at one of these great summer camps; I guarantee you and your scout will have a wonderful experience. 
We will have a group of scouts attending a 6-day session at Trevor Rees Jone (TRJ), dates TBD. We're currently looking at dates in June and July.  We need an adult to volunteer to lead the TRJ crew and least one additional adult, preferably several, to assist with camp. If you are willing to lead this group or assist, please email Mr Harris or Mr Saenz as soon as possible so we can secure our reservation.  We will be posting the date in the near future.
Costs for TRJ are $300 for scouts & $175 for adults. If your scout sold at least $250.00 of popcorn this year, you can receive $100.00 towards Circle 10 summer camp.
We will also have a group of scouts attending H. Roe Bartle Scout reservation in Missouri for a 10-day session July 6-15. Bartle is a excellent opportunity for those that missed summer camp in 2020 to catch up on merit badges.  Bartle is a two-sessions-in-one camp, which allows the possibility of working on as many as 6 merit badges (depending on which merit badges you choose).  There are several open spots for scouts and adult leaders. 
Costs for  Bartle is $540 each for scouts & adults.
Start planning now for one of the best summer camp experiences you and your son will have!